The best advice for productivity

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What’s the best productivity advice?

For me productivity equals the amount of work done/time. So to be more productive, you have to do more work in less time. It sounds simple, doesn’t it? But actually it is not that simple, many people suffer because they can’t organize their time and they waste more than 50% of the day. And they don’t even realize it. For me, there was really that one best productivity advice that helped me during my entrepreneurship and self-development journey.

Are you ready to learn about that one “magic trick”?

Get a pen and a notebook, you will need to write things down.

best productivity advice

Actually this is everything you need.

Write daily tasks and monthly goals!

That’s it. That’s the big magic trick.

Every night, before going to bed, or every morning, the first thing to do: write down the 5 most important tasks for the day. Then write the rest of them. If something takes you less than 2 minutes, do it right away(no need to leave it for later). This way, you won’t lose time wondering what you should do. And you won’t be overwhelmed with all the tasks you have to do. This is so powerful, it builds up such a good habits and self discipline. At the end of the day, if you have not completed a task, mark it with big black “X”. It is really disturbing to mark a task with X, a task that you set yourself and couldn’t complete. This will motivate you to complete every task on the list.

Keep writing.

Also make sure to write monthly and yearly big goals. Visualizing your tasks and goals is such a powerful method to see them complete. You are basically drawing a map to follow during your day/week/month. If you don’t have that map, you will waste HOURS of wondering what you should do. I was like that. I had so many tasks to do, and every morning when I woke up, I was already tired, because I had “so much work”. Well it was SOOO MUCH WORK, because I couldn’t organize myself. After I started doing TO DO LISTS, things started happening. I was actually taking every task down and I was seeing so much results. It affected my energy levels, my mood, my profits. Every small task that you achieve, leads to so inner satisfaction which fuels you to keep going. When you hit a weekly/monthly goal that satisfaction is even greater. It is important to celebrate small wins, to keep your spirit high. After a couple of weeks hitting every task, I realized I have actually done 500% more work than usual and that affected my profits.

Now I don’t go to bed without my notebook on the night shelf. I even sometimes get great ideas during night, that I will forget if I don’t write them down. The power of visualization is real. Start writing tasks, plans, idea, goals and you will see them becoming reality really soon. And the cost of that is a pen and a notebook.


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